Implementing Coir Roll Matting to Reinforce Riverbanks from Abrasion

coir roll matting

Coir roll matting – A natural fiber product designed to provide soil stabilization and support along riverbanks, hills, streams, hills and other places subject to erosion. Offers a high level of strength and reinforcement. The densely packed coconut fibers of the mattress are placed inside a tubular sheet of coconut yarn. The components of coconut mats are natural and biodegradable. It is able to control erosion and is environmentally friendly.

Coir mats use natural or synthetic materials to prevent soil erosion and improve plant establishment and growth. Coir rolls are temporary or permanent products that are installed in areas prone to erosion. These products include erosion control mats, nets, mesh fabrics and turf mats. Coconut cakes are laid after site preparation, planting, digging, tamping and stacking. Once installed, coconut mats stabilize disturbed areas, slow runoff, reduce soil erosion, and promote vegetation growth.

It is designed to solve the problem where soil erosion is inevitable on bare soil, but vegetation alone cannot prevent soil erosion. These products are open fabrics such as coir or jute mats or loose fiber mats mechanically stitched to one or two natural or synthetic webs. These products prevent erosion and keep the seeds on the slope or in the bed until vegetation and prevent their own soil erosion, after which these products are photodegraded or biodegradable. There are several factors to consider when choosing a coconut roll.

Considerations for Using Rolled Coir Geotextile

Water flow and shear stress in the channel
These numbers are much more difficult to calculate as they depend on many factors and are usually best calculated by your hydraulic engineer when developing a stormwater plan for the job.

The time required for the selected vegetation to take root
Cold-tolerant grasses usually take less time to grow than heat-loving grasses, legumes, or woody shrubs found in a particular seed mixture. You want to choose a cover that will prevent erosion until these plants reach maturity and provide biomass to prevent erosion on their own.

Improvement of Vegetation Associated with Coir Roll Matting

Rolled coir geotextiles affect the establishment of vegetation in a variety of ways, including moisture retention, the soil’s need for biodegradable mats or nets, and light penetration. A lighter mattress tends to let in more sunlight, which promotes faster seed germination, but is also less effective at protecting against erosion, so in this case, you may want to choose one that suits your specific needs of your site, instead of covering a large part of work. high quality duvet. In addition, some matrix materials require soil nitrogen (wood) for biodegradation, while others have high nitrogen availability (agricultural wheat straw).

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