Coir Geotextiles Uses to Reclamation Ex-Mining Area Using 100% Natural

coir geotextiles uses

Coir geotextiles uses – The former mine area scattered around the mine area looks very scary. The resulting damage can cause landslides, erosion, groundwater erosion, and even floods. This often happens in areas like Belitong Island, Berau, and other places. Specific examples such as Kalimantan are now affected by floods when the rainy season arrives.

This natural damage requires serious action from all parties, especially the mining operators. You have to return the former mining land. There are many steps that can be taken to re-cultivate former mining land, such as replanting land or converting land for productive activities such as fishing and so on.

The best way to reduce damage is to replant or reforest. However, there is an important step before afforestation which is to plant fiber geotextiles in the soil. Fiber geotextiles are nets made of coconut fiber. Usually, the size of the net or volleyball net is chosen according to the needs of the court. The use of Coir geotextiles has proven to be effective in preventing landslides or floods. By attaching the ends, the coir is spread over the area of the former mine. The plant adapts to the structure of the soil. It can be tilted or flat. Laying is usually done in 2 layers.

The Application of Coir Geotextiles in The Former Mining Area

The coir geotextiles uses have proven effective in preventing floods and landslides, as has been done previously. Another advantage of this braided coir is that when the braided coir is spread out, the medium is very easy to loosen the soil container so it can be called a good planting medium. The implementation of the reclamation does not have to wait for the completion of all mining operations, especially in the large mining areas divided into mountain blocks.

One way to work and prevent landslides is to use mosquito nets or fibers. The term Coir geotextile derives from the original English term Coir geotextiles (the term coir geotextile will be used in a later article).

Currently, we know that coir is made up of only raw materials, crafts, and other simple products with a very small market share. However, with the development of creativity and technology, various coconut fiber products such as mattresses, pillows, and mattresses have emerged.

One of the Solutions to Reforest Critical Land Ex-Mining Areas

According to Arif Nugroho (2010), fiber geotextiles are the main key to supporting the remediation process of mines, beaches, or forests. Biodegradable and durable material that promotes the growth of new plants in coconut overgrown plantations in former mining sites.

Coir geotextiles provide shelter, and due to their highly sustainable nature, their use in ex-mine land remediation has proven effective for reforestation in former mine areas or deforested areas. fiber geotextile can be used as a tool for the prevention of erosion and landslides, it can also be used as a fiber geotextile sales business.

In addition, Coir geotextiles can also be used as a first layer of paving before asphalt to prevent the asphalt or road from cracking and cracking. In the future, the use of coir could be increased to reduce or reduce the risk of landslides. In areas known to be prone to landslides, slope stability can be improved with coconut grass.

Coir can be used as a craft and business opportunity. As many people do not know about fiber geotextile, it also can be used as a fiber geotextile sales business.

The Process of Making Coir Geotextiles | Coir Geotextiles Uses

The processing of coir into coir is usually done in-house or by the manufacturer. Also, in the village, there are generally dozens of mothers and unemployed who have coconut plantations. Ability to produce independently and compete with the manufacturing industry with nearly equal quality. The standard size of 1 roll of braid can be 2 x 20m2, 2 x 25m2, etc.

This production capacity can be further enhanced if coconut shells are used on a large scale for land reclamation both in the mining industry and in infrastructure development areas such as former road embankments, settlements, and dams.

Several mining companies have successfully implemented landslide remediation and prevention by implementing inter alia such as; Chevron Geothermal (Garut), Freeport (Papua), Martabe Access Road (North Sumatra), and Berau Batubara (East Kalimantan).

Therefore, the revision of Coir geotextile to prevent landslides. This should be encouraged immediately so that landslides do not occur frequently. And offer the company an opportunity

So here is the prev solution for the erosion of the Coir geotextiles which must be applied on steeply sloping areas. Geofibre fabrics can resist runoff rates that cause erosion and retain soil moisture.

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